Double circular angular saw

UPK 1000:

The double circular angular saw UPK 1000 is composed of a firm frame on which two electric motors are fit in place perpendicular to each other. The circular saws can be moved in both, the horizontal and the vertical direction as well. Any saw-cut parameter, which means the saw circular discs mutual position, is PC-controlled through the control panel. Beneath the equipment frame there is a guiding way rail installed on which the round timber logs carriage moves. The guiding way rail consists of 3m long modules. The UPK 1000 is delivered with way lengths of 12m, 18m, 24m, eventually the ways can be extended by one more module, at least, up to the clients demand.

Intention - usage:

The machine is designed for longitudinal sawing of round timber of soft and hard wood in the form of blocks. On the saw it is possible to make various rectangular profiles, for example square blocks, boards, slats, etc. This method of sawing is enabled by using two disk saws, placed in right-angle at each other, of which cutting surfaces are crossed in virtual “mutual” cutting edge. The saw by its simple construction and fast re-set option of the disk saws is convenient particularly for small and middle businesses with wide production assortment.

Control panel:

The double circular angular saw UPK 1000 is controlled through an advanced control panel. Both, the horizontal and the vertical circular saw disks direction adjustment is carried out by OMRON control system. The carriage rightwards or leftwards movement and its speed as well is controlled through the controller continuously.

Merits of UPK 1000:

Due to the new technical solution, and the cutting method applied as well, using two mutually perpendicular and independent saw-blade circular disks, the double circular angular saw UPK 1000 has several benefits compared to any conventional wood cutting and shaping method:

Technical description:

Round timber log minimal length 700 mm
Round timber log maximum length 12 000 mm
Round timber log optimum length 6 000 mm
Round timber log minimum diameter 100 mm
Round timber log maximum diameter 1 000 mm
Round timber log feed velocity control (mm/sec.) 0 – 1 000
Sawn slit (kerf) thickness and width accuracy +/- 0,1 mm
Saw-blade circular disk diameter: horizontal 400 – 550 mm
Saw-blade circular disk diameter: vertical 400 – 600 mm
Maximal input power 40 kW
Height/Width/Length with ways 2 830/2 500/8 875 mm
Machine weight (18 m long version) 3850 kg

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